Jul. 21st, 2010 11:56 am
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I just couldn't sleep last night, and that particularly annoys me because everything was perfect.

* Gentle rain outside.
* Reading in bed for quite a while.
* It was late.
* Brain free of maddening thoughts.
* No caffeine for nearly 12 hours.
* Hot milky drink consumed a little while ago.
* Kitten already snoozing on the other side of the bed.

I mean, come on, what more do you want? That's like the list of ultimate best sleeping conditions ever! Some days I just don't know what's going on..
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It's been another busy weekend; motorbike rides, Flickr meets, poker games, dinners and drinks..
I just wish I could get to sleep now.. I've been trying for a couple of hours with no success - and I need to get up in, erm, just under 4 hours from now, in order to get a flight to New Zealand. Damnit!
I was so tired and sleepy earlier this evening -- why can't I sleep now? I bet it is something to do with knowing I need to be awake early. That always does it!
But I have set three alarm clocks; surely that should be enough for me to get to sleep unworried? I don't think I'm worried?

Ho hum. So, day one in New Zealand may be a write off due to being a zombie.
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I am saddened to hear that my neighbours are legally entitled to make extremely loud construction-related noises any time from 7am onwards, Monday to Friday, and thus there is nothing I can do about the hour or two of sleep I'm losing every weekday currently. (Well, except go to bed earlier, but you know that's not going to happen :)

Gnrgh. What is it with builders and early mornings? Why do they do it?
Maybe it's all the sunlight they get, unlike us office workers?

In other news, someone wanted their desk back, and so I have lost my nearly-a-window-seat and am back in the middle of the office again. Boo.
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This weekend I have surprised myself with the amount I've slept.
Yeah, that's right, it's been party central here. Or rather not.
I think I really need to sort out getting enough sleep during the week. It's not helping my weekend!

Friday I had a couple of drinks after work, then came home and slept from 19:00-21:30.. Then messed around with this Atheros system-on-a-chip device, played Mass Effect for a while, then slept from about 3:30 to 13:30..
Saturday I wandered around the docklands to look at the new half-erected buildings going up there, and to check on the areas they are yet to knock down; I bumped into the Steve Irwin (the boat, not the ghost) while I was down there too. I'll put up some photos later..
Went out for dinner+drinks that eve, then came home and slept from about 1:30 to 12:30, bringing my sleep total for the weekend to 24.5 hours by sunday morning.

Today I drove out to the Yarra Ranges, wandered around the national park a little after driving the Black Spur.. weather was overcast and didn't take any photos in the end, but it was nice anyway.

Edit: Forgot to mention.. I went on the just-opened EastLink toll freeway.. and it was one long traffic jam moving at about 1 km/hr. Took half an hour to get to the 2nd exit, where I bailed out. On the way home, I skipped it entirely, as it looked even worse on the way back. Not sure what was wrong, but hopefully it'll be fixed, otherwise it's ridiculous.
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You know you're not doing well when the first thing someone says to you after you've dragged yourself into work is: My god, you look awful!

I seem to have been sleeping v. badly this week. Getting to bed too late; insomnia; and anxiety dreams and nightmares when I am asleep. You know the sort where you wake up at 5am and are wondering "was I screaming or just imagining it?".

I also seem to have developed a craving for jasmine green tea.
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I have just spent a thousand dollars on, essentially, a bed. (bed/mattress/pillows/quilt/etc)
Part of me is thinking that it seems too much for what it is.. and the other part of me is really looking forward to sleeping on a decent bed for a change! :)


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