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Some firetwirling photos from the weekend..

Mikhail firetwirling

I cast fireball over there!

Toby firetwirling

Mikhail firetwirling


Jul. 21st, 2010 11:56 am
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I just couldn't sleep last night, and that particularly annoys me because everything was perfect.

* Gentle rain outside.
* Reading in bed for quite a while.
* It was late.
* Brain free of maddening thoughts.
* No caffeine for nearly 12 hours.
* Hot milky drink consumed a little while ago.
* Kitten already snoozing on the other side of the bed.

I mean, come on, what more do you want? That's like the list of ultimate best sleeping conditions ever! Some days I just don't know what's going on..
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Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay at night
This is the companion photo to the previous one.. Taken on my D700 instead.
There's also another almost-identical one to the B&W shot up on Flickr, but I preferred the tighter crop of this one.
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Apollo Bay at night
Shot with Nikon FE + Nikkor 35mm f/2 on Fujifilm 400CN, then processed in Ilford ID-11.

My first home-processed film :)
There are a few other photos on Flickr now too.
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My MacBook is over three years old now, and I decided it was time to get a new one..
Have bought a Samsung N510, which is technically slower than the MacBook (Atom N280 vs Core2), but it's also half the weight, double the battery life, and since I have a good desktop PC at home, I'd rather have the portability than the power. Also, I can get the Samsung new for the amount I can sell the MacBook for second hand, which is important given that I'm generally a bit skint these days.

The new laptop has the nVidia Ion LE chipset; this is notable because the "LE" version is crippled, but purely in software. I've hacked up the current nVidia drivers to enable the full power (well, as much power as the non-LE version gets). Might be of interest to anyone else who has a laptop with a "Ion LE" chipset, anyway..

Here's a link: http://www.zshare.net/download/740159720a658a85/
It's based on the 195.62 drivers; I might release newer versions as time goes by.

(Info on how to do it was found on the http://myhpmini.com site.)
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Ooh Yeah NYE party
Doof pics - Summer 2009/10

I've finally processed the roll of film containing all these..
Photos from Strawberry Fields, Ooh yeah, Mix in the Stix and Maitreya (after it had become Mudtreya, but before it became totally-flooded-treya).
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So I read a book a couple of years ago that I liked, called "Soon I will be invincible!"

I just discovered that the author, prior to writing this novel, had been working on computer games, including some of my favourites:
* Ultima Underworld
* System Shock
* Thief
* Deus Ex

Who knew?
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Abbotsford Convent, in infrared.
Taken at the Australia Day Flickr meet.
Abbotsford Convent (IR)
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I knew it had been a while since I posted last, but didn't realise it was quite this long! Nearly two months.. I really seem to be much more active on Flickr forums, Twitter, and Facebook. :(

I guess I've been kept rather busy since moving in - between doing loads of DIY, buying and installing furniture/whitegoods/etc, and a certain girl, there's just been very little time left over.

In the time left over I have been:
* To the zoo
* To friends' picnics and parties
* Cycling
* Clubbing just a couple of times
* Looking for a housemate (note: still looking, first one pulled out)
* Playing Dragon Age
* Playing Tales of Monkey Island
* Learning Scala
* Learning to play the guitar (very very badly and slowly)
* Working on my pet coding projects
* Planting a vegie patch, a tree, and a rose bush.
* Wandering around an abandoned stadium & taking photos.
* Planning my 30th birthday party.

Currently I am: In Brisbane, at the Open-Source Developers Conference.

This weekend I am: Going to the Strawberry Fields festival, near the Alpine National park.

An Exit

Victoria Park stadium
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One of the photos from Abney Park:
Abney Park
(It looks best Viewed large on black)

Others are linked here (or at least the most recent ones are from this trip)

There are also a couple of shaky handheld infrared pics from Cambridge.

Sleepy now.. It's been another big weekend - Shane's "surprise" birthday party on Friday; then epic packing on Saturday; then today (Sunday) went up to Ballarat for the Foto Bienalle (sic) exhibitions.. then back to Melbourne and hit Earthdance at 6pm in time for Sun Control Species' live set.. hung around until about 8pm then headed off home for dinner and photo edits.


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