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Ooh Yeah NYE party
Doof pics - Summer 2009/10

I've finally processed the roll of film containing all these..
Photos from Strawberry Fields, Ooh yeah, Mix in the Stix and Maitreya (after it had become Mudtreya, but before it became totally-flooded-treya).


Apr. 20th, 2008 07:57 pm
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Tall gums pale in mist
Full moon through branches
Dance underneath


(Actually - that photo does absolutely no justice to the stunning scene.. Near the banks of the Latrobe River, at midnight the mist has descended to absolutely surround us - and the tall, pale gum tree trunks disappear into the mist, just beyond the edges of the dancefloor. The full moon is just visible through the mist and the branches overhead.)
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So, the weekend was good, albeit tiring.
I think I already wrote about Synthetic Culture.. Expensive crap drinks, cheesy music, but good company.
It seems like an awful lot of money to spend, just to drink over carbonated Stella and sit on astroturf with cigerette burns.
Ho hum.

Saturday night was much nicer; We treked out to Walthamstow Marshes, past an "Advanced Water treatment" plant, and finally at the end of the road, came to a park, in the middle of which was the OCB party in full swing.
Quite a large crowd, who were friendly enough, but noticeably different from the sort who frequent the more trancey outdoor doofs. Ran into Kira and co there, who I haven't seen in a very long time. Music was meant to be varied, but ended up seeming like non-stop house and tech-house, which isn't my favourite. Oh well.
Was nice to sit around with friends in a nice location; and thanks to James and Alex for bringing along some nice Pinot Noir :)

Didn't get up to too much on Sunday.. slept away a lot of the day, then finally dropped into the Alwyne that evening with Kate and Michelle for a couple of Frambozenbiers and some food.

I think I'm going to try and have a quiet weekend next week.. although Venetian Snares are playing on friday..
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Weekend started by visiting the Finsbury Park Green Fair, which was quite different to how I expected. It had four music areas, and lots of stalls selling food and booze, and a significant hoard of punks.

I hung around there with Carrie and some psyforum folks for a while, then headed home to get ready for the main event of the weekend - the Misztified outdoor party.

Grabbed rental car, people turned up, and drove down to the location, in Surrey. As with such parties, getting there was an adventure. At one point my GPS cunningly directed us down a shortcut that turned out to be an unmarked dirt track through the forest. A road it was, but after a while of close-calls and nearly either bogging or ramping the car in ditches, we came to a bit we just couldn't pass, and turned around and went back, and around the long way.

The party itself was nice; not a huge crowd there, but friendly, and nice music, and gorgeous lakeside forest location.

Headed home in the morning, crashed out to sleep for a while after returning the car, then I headed over to Hampstead Heath for Poggs' picnic.. Then finally home again, for a much-needed early night!


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