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So I read a book a couple of years ago that I liked, called "Soon I will be invincible!"

I just discovered that the author, prior to writing this novel, had been working on computer games, including some of my favourites:
* Ultima Underworld
* System Shock
* Thief
* Deus Ex

Who knew?
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Check out this bloke's reviews: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/editorials/zeropunctuation
(Thanks to Simeon for the heads-up)
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Went off and played another poker tournament.
I was a lot less nervous, and took a few more risks.. It seemed to pay off, because I managed to come FOURTH overall! (Out of 40-50 entrants)
Unfortunately, 4th place netted me... an official keyring. If I'd made it to three, at least I would have been taking home a few bottles of wine. Heh.

I doubt I'll get so lucky next time, but still, it makes me happy for now :)

PS. Thanks to Pete for some advice.

The thing I saw myself doing wrong a few times was that I was still folding when a player with 5x my stack was going all in.. even though I KNEW he probably had nothing, I kept folding rather than risk it.. He ended up going out before I did in the end, but it was someone else who took his huge stack, and meanwhile I'd been whittled down to next to nothing, and had to double up several times to come back.
All good fun, but I didn't realise how long it had been going on until I got home.. Took just over three and a quarter hours..
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So, I'm feeling really quite ill today. Ugh.
I went out and bought some nice cheese from Borough Market though, which cheered me up slightly, although the pouring rain didn't.
Anticipating staying at home feeling ill for some time, I bought a new computer game to play (Neverwinter Nights 2). However, I've been spending the last two hours just trying to get the damn thing to work. It installs fine, but then tries to auto-update, which after downloading for 20 minutes, tells me it received a corrupted file, and quits. Run it again, same problem. *sigh*

Having downloaded the file about 5 or 6 times now (at 115 Mbyte a throw!), I receive identical files each time (according to diff and md5sum), yet am always told it's corrupted by the updater.

This is having distinct echoes of the last EA patch to Battlefield 2142, which was a complete clusterfuck, and took me days to manually hack until it would work. These are meant to be games, played for enjoyment. I shouldn't be having to beat them over the head so much just to get them to work.

I know that writing and debugging software is hard. I do it for a living.. However, the quality of games at version 1.00 is UTTERLY FUCKING APPALLING, and the patches often seem to make things worse rather than better -- if you can even get them to apply.

[Edit: By using Linux's "unshield" utility to extract things manually, plus someone's 3rd party patch util for NWN2, I've managed to get things work. Took a bit over 5 hours!]


Mar. 24th, 2006 04:45 pm
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I had a day off work today. Not entirely coincidentally, Oblivion was due to arrive today.

It's good. And I've lost a lot of today to it. It's going to be hard not to lose the rest of the weekend, too.

Last night I went to another leaving do for some people at work... and the company asked that someone secretly record who went along, because they were putting some money behind the bar, and needed to know who went, so they could tell the tax people. Lovely. Four more days until I've left too..

Full Mooners at the Comedy Store last night was great.. an absolutely hilarious end to this run of the night. I was feeling decidedly ill (as I have been all week), but was laughing my arse off anyway. (It was much funnier than last week's).


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