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I slept from approx 8pm until 9am this morning. And I still seem tired!

I did have a rather busy week and weekend though; I think the Cider Festival was my favourite part.
The cider seemed to have noticeably improved since last year, and they also had more varieties available, I think?

During last week I went to see Kate sing in Carlton on Tuesday, sorted out getting Ubuntu onto friends' laptops on Wednesday, and hung out drinking with a friend from Adelaide on Thursday. So far, so not enough sleep.

On Friday night I caught up with a friend of Craig, a guy I knew from Adelaide who moved to Germany to write computer games years ago.. Michael is a friend of his from Frankfurt who moved back to Melbourne recently.
After a couple of jugs of beer, I headed home, then had to get up promptly to view way too many properties.

Nelson Alexander R.E. proved to me that they consistently way under-value their properties; I turned up to one that had about a hundred people at the inspection, and the agent said he'd already received verbal offers $90k over their price estimate. Other properties of theirs have consistently sold for similarly way-over-suggested-price-range amounts too, so I think they're just bastards, and I'm going to make an official complaint.

I saw a totally trashed place in West Brunswick, which has me wondering.. It seemed fairly solid in construction, and has a back yard and front yard, and looks like it'll sell cheaply due to the horribleness inside. (It's ex-council-house and has been empty for 12 months). However for $10,000 one could do quite a lot of renovation, and it could be quite nice afterwards.. Something to think about anyway. Unfortunately I bet other people think the same and thus push the price up :/

Aside from that, there was a two bedroom unit in a nice bit of Preston that I'm considering. But ALL the other units there are occupied by little old retirees, which was pushed as a plus point by the agent, but I dare say they might not approve of me! :)
Still, it's near a good tram line, and a nice park, and seems reasonably nice.

I'm also wondering about maybe screwing the whole plan, and looking at a fairly cheap (eg. 30-40% less than I was planning to spend) 1 bedrom apartment somewhere very close to the city.. Although after more thoughts, I suspect I'll discount that again. Location is great, but I just have too much damn stuff, and at least want a private garage.

Then, there was the Flickr pub meet, which was fun, but I missed most of due to the house hunting taking all day. (10:30am to 3pm).. Then home to change, and head out to Z-1 Fusion, an EBM/Industech club, for Jarod's birthday drinks and dancing and stuff..
Got to sleep by 3am I think, but had to get up at 10am or so to get a lift to Wonga Park and the Cider Festival! Yay. :)

Stopped off at Heide Museum of Modern Art on the way home to see some sculptures by Django's dad which are there, and then finally got home around 6:30 or 7pm.. and I collapsed into bed and slept for 13 hours!

I think I'm going to try and have a quiet week! I need it.
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It's been a busy weekend!
Aside from seeing experimental bands (good), fixing up the house a bit (locks), seeing a movie (bad) and Dorkbot (interesting), I also had a desire to go... on an adventure on Saturday. So I found a couple of fellow adventurers, and we piled into the Subaru (dirty) and drove off into the hinterlands of Victoria (dusty).

Two hours later, and a long incredibly twisty and hilly track, and we emerged into the Freedom of Movement doof.
Freedom of Movement

(More pics either side of that one in the Flickr photostream.)

Also, stars!
Freedom of Movement party

The party was fun. I'm a bit sorry I ditched going to see people at the CyberFearNoise club thing at MyAeon, but really, I wanted to go on an adventure, not just another bar!
Danced and bounced around, chatted to people around the campfire.. then at 3am decided it was time to embark on the long journey home.
Overall, good weekend! In hindsight, should have taken a tent and camped out at the party.. ah well, next time!

Note.. these are also just about the first pics I've uploaded from the D700.
Not exactly typical conditions (ie. long night exposures) but it was handling it rather well.
I'm also happy that so far my lenses seem to be doing well on the FX sensor.. I was worried the budget Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 would turn out badly, even though it works well on the D200, but no - it's still sharp and free of colour fringes. Yay!
The Tokina 12-24mm f/4 isn't doing so well, but then, it's specifically designated as only being for the reduced DX sensor sizes.. so the fact it works at all (eg. in the shot with the stars above) is probably a bonus :)
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Oh dear.

It has been another really hectic weekend.
Friday: Drinking on companies' tabs from 12:30pm to late, with a two-hour alcohol free window from about 3pm to 5pm.
Saturday: Recovery. Shopping. Attempt to take photos of "world's biggest time warp". Fail. Gelati and coffee instead. Then onto an outdoor party miles away. Get home v.late, pass out before turning lights off.
Sunday: Recovery. Shopping. Finally manage to stop that speaker in my car from rattling, with judicious application of bolts, washers and an old sock. Hurrah! Then, onto an old mental asylum to wander and take photos. Then dinner, sake happened, and am now about ready to collapse into bed again after an impromptu party.
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I have my last day at REA on the 17th of September! Hurrah!
I don't actually start work at SD until Monday the 22nd, so I have a four-day weekend.

I was thinking I should use this time to go on a bit of a holiday, rather than just slouching around the house.. So, who wants a visitor (was thinking Brisbane or Sydney?), or who wants to go on a road-trip? :)
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This weekend I have surprised myself with the amount I've slept.
Yeah, that's right, it's been party central here. Or rather not.
I think I really need to sort out getting enough sleep during the week. It's not helping my weekend!

Friday I had a couple of drinks after work, then came home and slept from 19:00-21:30.. Then messed around with this Atheros system-on-a-chip device, played Mass Effect for a while, then slept from about 3:30 to 13:30..
Saturday I wandered around the docklands to look at the new half-erected buildings going up there, and to check on the areas they are yet to knock down; I bumped into the Steve Irwin (the boat, not the ghost) while I was down there too. I'll put up some photos later..
Went out for dinner+drinks that eve, then came home and slept from about 1:30 to 12:30, bringing my sleep total for the weekend to 24.5 hours by sunday morning.

Today I drove out to the Yarra Ranges, wandered around the national park a little after driving the Black Spur.. weather was overcast and didn't take any photos in the end, but it was nice anyway.

Edit: Forgot to mention.. I went on the just-opened EastLink toll freeway.. and it was one long traffic jam moving at about 1 km/hr. Took half an hour to get to the 2nd exit, where I bailed out. On the way home, I skipped it entirely, as it looked even worse on the way back. Not sure what was wrong, but hopefully it'll be fixed, otherwise it's ridiculous.
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After several nights of poor sleep I really wasn't up for going clubbing to the Klute gig; was so tired I went to bed at midnight and slept lots. I slept quite a lot this weekend, actually, and generally quite successfully. I put it down to getting exercise and sunlight and not having to get up early in the mornings.

Cycled into town for some shopping then onto the Melbourne Flickr meet. Seemed quite a large group, more than twenty people turned up, with two distinct camps forming - the ones with huge DSLR kit, and the ones with exotic/bizarre/classic film cameras.
Then later onto a friend's place for an impromptu gathering.

Eventually made it to Shane and Gemma's place for a chaotic poker+drinks night; quite a big turnout, and we really should have split into two tables to start off rather than one huge one that didn't work so well.. things got serious once we were down to the last five or so players, and the game went on until about 4am. (I came third.. but the winner takes all).

Hungover. Cleaned house and tidied up a lot in preparation for our estate agent's inspection that they'd booked a week earlier.. which they didn't show up for. (Probably because it's a public holiday, but damnit, why did they book it then?)
Was rather annoyed, because it was at 2:30pm.. So there wasn't really enough time either side to do anything else, so it was a bit of a waste of a day :/


Feb. 4th, 2008 10:22 pm
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Random photo wandering on the weekend seemed fairly successful.
This one is a cheap shot, but still :)
We hate the kids

I quite liked this one, too, of a wonky reflection of the GPO:
Melbourne GPO reflection

More at my Flickr stream, including obligatory cat and flower macros and some Melbourne graffiti.

Aside from wandering around taking photos and reading the last Endymion book in the park, I also managed to get along to a soulquest party on saturday night with Christy and Rhett, so see some Austrian DJ play "gypsy electronica" which was odd, but kind of interesting too. Good fun.

Attempted to interact with [livejournal.com profile] greenpea33's temporarily adopted kitten on Sunday evening; cute and I'm tempted, but I'm not meant to have pets.. and I'm not sure the time is /quite/ right for me to dedicate the time when I have Plans to go on some holidays in the near future. Would anyone else like a kitten?
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Had a great time in Cambridge, and the ride back on Sunday midday has been lovely - bombing down the M11 at excessive speed in lovely sunlight. In fact I think I might head out for another ride this afternoon.

More on that later, but I just wondered if anyone wanted to catch up in a pub for a couple of pints and meal or something this evening? Someone bailed out on me for this evening, so am suddenly free after all. Maybe the Narrowboat on the Regents Canal near Angel?
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Back from the Bloc Weekend party, held at a Pontin's holiday camp near Hemsby in Norfolk.
I had a fun time, I liked Autechre, and bounced around to The Advent and CJ Bolland, and it's always good to hang around with friends. However, I can't help feeling that I probably would have had just as much fun by going out to a big party/club thing in London, really. I say this, because really the Bloc Weekend festival didn't have much going on except the three music areas. In my mind, "real" festivals have loads of stuff going on during the day and evening - you know, shopping stalls, food stalls, juggling, random bad art, etc. etc.
Bloc had none of that - there was some advertised, go-karts, indoor swimming pool, climbing wall, however none of it was in operation over the weekend. (Probably for the best though - there were a lot of wasted people wandering around even during the day).

Also, the venue /really/ didn't deal well with having 2500 ravers descend upon them. The organisation was a total shambles for dealing with many people arriving/leaving at once, and so that took hours. The bus ride was particularly badly organised, with their system for loading people being the most inefficient way you could think of. Originally advertised as leaving at 8pm on Sunday, they eventually took off around 9:45pm, arriving back in London some time after 1am. (And leaving me particularly knackered on Monday morning for work!)

During the friday/saturday night stretches, the bar staff looked rather stressed - they seemed to only have put a couple of staff at each bar, having to deal with a hundred people trying to buy beer or water at once. By saturday night they actually /ran out/ of bottled water, and initially were refusing to give out cups as "we need them to serve beer in!". This didn't go down with the punters particularly well!

I'm sounding rather down about the whole thing, but actually it was quite nice to have a weekend away with friends - it just could have been better. I won't be recommending this festival for repeat visits, although I dare say they'd learn and not be quite so incompetent next time.
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I couldn't resist the flower pr0n at Kew Gardens (London Flickr meet last saturday).


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