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I knew it had been a while since I posted last, but didn't realise it was quite this long! Nearly two months.. I really seem to be much more active on Flickr forums, Twitter, and Facebook. :(

I guess I've been kept rather busy since moving in - between doing loads of DIY, buying and installing furniture/whitegoods/etc, and a certain girl, there's just been very little time left over.

In the time left over I have been:
* To the zoo
* To friends' picnics and parties
* Cycling
* Clubbing just a couple of times
* Looking for a housemate (note: still looking, first one pulled out)
* Playing Dragon Age
* Playing Tales of Monkey Island
* Learning Scala
* Learning to play the guitar (very very badly and slowly)
* Working on my pet coding projects
* Planting a vegie patch, a tree, and a rose bush.
* Wandering around an abandoned stadium & taking photos.
* Planning my 30th birthday party.

Currently I am: In Brisbane, at the Open-Source Developers Conference.

This weekend I am: Going to the Strawberry Fields festival, near the Alpine National park.

An Exit

Victoria Park stadium
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According to the use-by dates on milk cartons in the supermarket, they will expire *after* I am a home-owner. :D

I've been busy since I arrived back in Melbourne.

Tonight I have been listening to great music while eating tasty vegie food I made, and generally life is good.
Over the weekend I went to a club night called Machine on Friday, then Paul's 0x21st birthday pirate party on Saturday, then Sunday was the High Vibes street festival in Northcote.
I liked the music at Machine - just have to try and convince a few friends to come along next time. It was interesting techno with perhaps a touch of psytrance influence.

I've been sleeping very well since I arrived back in Australia.. in fact, thanks to jetlag, I've been reliably getting up before 7am and arriving at work earlier than I have ever. I am not trying to fight it; if I can continue to get up early and get more done (and not be horrendously late to work) then it's only a good thing.
However, the yawning-my-head-off before midnight needs to stop!

This post will also be the last one I post directly on LJ, as I'm moving over to Dreamwidth. I'll continue to cross-post things to LJ indefinitely though.
I'm doing this because Livejournal (the company and software) has stagnated. Dreamwidth has forked the codebase, and is actively improving it, fixing bugs, and adding new features. I approve. Whether they can make any money out of it is another issue, but time will tell..

Please feel free to add me to your Reading List there; also note that you can use your LJ login (via OpenId) there if you don't want to create two accounts.
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This weekend I woke up feeling like absolute crap on Saturday morning. I couldn't work out what, but I was slightly dizzy, extremely fatigued, and had a terrible headache. (No, I wasn't massively partying the night before!)

I figured it was some kind of stress brought on by my loathing of xmas shopping, which I was planning to do that day. I struggled into town, did the shopping, and got home about six hours later..
.. and then fell into bed and slept from about 6pm to 8:30pm. WTF?
Got up still felt tired, and didn't end up going to the solstice doof in the bush after all.
Slept lots more than evening, and then Sunday I felt terrible as well!

Stopped off to pick up a bunch of different over-the-counter drugs, then grabbed Jodi, Ruth and Robin, and we headed to Philip Island to play with penguins and koalas and so on. I continued to feel terrible, but enjoyed the penguins and koalas anyway.

Drove home late in the evening, dropped everyone off at their respective homes, and then finally got home at 1am to discover my old D200 had sold for considerably more than I expected, hurrah.

I was expecting to feel so broken that I could call in sick to work on Monday, but this morning I actually felt a little bit better, so munched a cocktail of mersyndol, ibuprofen and strepsils and headed into work.

Today the buyer of the D200 turned up, and didn't want to come into my work to do the exchange since he was double-parked or something.. So i headed out, gave him the bag with the camera and accessories, and then I counted and checked a stupidly large roll of notes, while in a side street in Fitzroy. I kept feeling like I was doing some kind of drug deal.. furtive bags being passed, large sums of money being verified.. oh dear.

Looking to the future, I'll be driving over to Adelaide in a couple of days, and staying down there until the 31st or the 1st, depending if anyone invites me to a good NYE party or not.. (Nothing heard of so far!)


Dec. 6th, 2008 01:16 am
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Bah. Twitter seems to have been broken as far as shipping to Livejournal goes, ever since LJ moved to non-SixApart servers.
There goes my "adventures in micro-blogging" :(

Short re-cap:
* I am currently in Sydney, for OSDC during the week, but I am staying on until Sunday to be a tourist too.
* Perl6 has entered Beta; first version was burnt to disc and given to Larry Wall today.
* Microsoft are being weird and falling over themselves to help open-source groups create stuff that works with their protocols and formats. WTF? But also, cool. (They've even dedicated a lab to helping Perl developers port stuff to Win32, including copies of all production versions of Windows and a helpdesk. For every dev on CPAN)
* OSDC is cool.
* There are lots of bats in Sydney. It's weird to see them flying overhead.
* Sydney is very hot and humid. Ick.
* OpenAustralia.org is great.
* asciio is Visio in ASCII. Genius!

I have seen the Headless Chickens live. It has only taken me, like, almost a decade and a half to achieve this.
It was actually a bit of a relief that I wasn't the only person at the gig. It means that Jason Elder and I are not the only ones in the universe who liked them! Yay!
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I'm not doing so well at posting on LJ it seems. I have this backlog of entries I've been meaning to write.. but never quite get around to doing. Might try and do a quick synopsis:

A tale of two concerts: I meant to say how I'd been to see two very concerts, VNV Nation+Angel Theory and Tojiko Noriko+The last of the real hardmen. Unfortunately I've left it so long that I've been to two or three more gigs since then.

Foglights. I have some half-completed "Poll" software I was writing to go along with this. Maybe by the time I finish it in 2012, the govt will have finally legalised the use of rocket launchers to destroy oncoming cars who have their foglights on when there is no fog!

Motorcycle ride: Went for a really nice motorbike ride with [livejournal.com profile] fnoo last Sunday. Best bits were around Yarra Glen to King Lake, I think. Need to do that again!

New job: Seems nice. Am enjoying cycling to work. Good to have a spacious office with lots of natural light.

House: Landlord wants to put the rent up $50 a week. FFS. Moving out in November.

Reminder: Rainbow Serpent tickets (earlybirds) go on sale in 5 minutes.. $100. Then they go up to $125, and later $150 and $175! Seems rather expensive this year! I'm buying mine now..
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Before I stick it on ebay: I have a Pioneer car CD player, circa 2002 going. Yell if you're interested.

General update for the day:
Overall I had a rather productive day, despite having a hangover-style headache all day. (I finished up at REA yesterday, and was happy that so many people came to see me off, both at lunch, elevenses, and at the pub!)

* I had a house inspection (take 2).
* I gathered up my big pile of complicated tax stuff, and spent an hour going over it with an accountant, who found all sorts of cool stuff I could do. My initial estimates were that I'd have to pay thousands of dollars of tax (due to all my contracting in 2007), but he managed to turn it around so I will be getting a chunk of money BACK from the tax office. Win! :D

* After that I picked up some new speakers for the car, and then bought a new car music player. Unlike my previous one, this one plays MP3s off CDRs or from USB memory keys, or lets you plug generic MP3 players. I installed it this afternoon, and am pretty happy with the results.
It's so much more civilised to take a tiny USB key down to the car, than cart around loads of audio CDs!

I picked the Pioneer model because it *seemed* to have a more well-thought-out UI for dealing with MP3 collections. Oddly, it comes with a remote control.. which I can't quite figure out what the point is.. I mean, I'm always going to be sitting next to it in the driver's seat, and my arms aren't *that* short!
I theorise that it is for people who leave their car playing music while they're having a picnic or something?
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After several nights of poor sleep I really wasn't up for going clubbing to the Klute gig; was so tired I went to bed at midnight and slept lots. I slept quite a lot this weekend, actually, and generally quite successfully. I put it down to getting exercise and sunlight and not having to get up early in the mornings.

Cycled into town for some shopping then onto the Melbourne Flickr meet. Seemed quite a large group, more than twenty people turned up, with two distinct camps forming - the ones with huge DSLR kit, and the ones with exotic/bizarre/classic film cameras.
Then later onto a friend's place for an impromptu gathering.

Eventually made it to Shane and Gemma's place for a chaotic poker+drinks night; quite a big turnout, and we really should have split into two tables to start off rather than one huge one that didn't work so well.. things got serious once we were down to the last five or so players, and the game went on until about 4am. (I came third.. but the winner takes all).

Hungover. Cleaned house and tidied up a lot in preparation for our estate agent's inspection that they'd booked a week earlier.. which they didn't show up for. (Probably because it's a public holiday, but damnit, why did they book it then?)
Was rather annoyed, because it was at 2:30pm.. So there wasn't really enough time either side to do anything else, so it was a bit of a waste of a day :/
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What else have I been up to lately?

I went to a not-really-waterfull-waterfall at Kinglake with Liz:
Waterless waterfall

And then we went to a less-waterless-waterfall around Marysville the next weekend:
Steavenson's Falls

And this is a photo of a tree that seemed to be growing roots in the wrong places in Brisbane ages ago:
Inverse root

Last friday I went to a house party in a very small narrow house, with an extremely long, narrow garden. Down the back, under a tree, was a collapsed shed, in which was an FJ Holden, rusting slowly. It was very strange, this narrow garden that just went on forever, through overgrown bushes and trees and fairy lights sizzling in the rain.

(click images for larger versions)
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I picked up a new muffler for my motorbike on Tuesday; I had to drive a three-and-a-half hour round trip to pick it up though - I should have just got the seller to post it! (I hadn't quite realised just how far Melbourne sprawls out..)
I had it installed and now the bike sounds... very nice indeed. Long, deep thumping doofs.
The titanium can (a Devil Magnum) comes with an insertable baffle, which makes the sound go quiet and fluffy.. so if needed to pacify neighbours or a VicRoads inspection, one can use that. I'm happy with it :)

In other news - I was feeling a bit off yesterday, and today felt sufficiently generally-unwell to head home early from work, sick. Hopefully another good nights sleep will do the trick though.. Various other people at work have been taking time off lately, so maybe there's something going around :(

Misc update

Dec. 9th, 2007 01:06 am
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I've bought tickets to Tribeadelic, an outdoor psytrance festival that runs for four days, around new year's eve. It's located a couple of hours north of Melbourne.. There's a few people from Adelaide coming along too - would anyone else like to join us?

My car is being a waste of insurance and registration, without me actually moving it at all. I got a jump-start from Ryan this morning and went off to buy a new battery, and recycled the old one - it was a few years old and had been maltreated. Bicycle and motorbike are still running fine, thank you, and are still my preferred methods of transport.. but for outdoor camping festivals, reasonably-sized AWD cars are definitely the way forward.

Not too much else to report back. I like living in Melbourne, although I could do with knowing a few more people, and I miss people back in London, and some in Adelaide.


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