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Ooh Yeah NYE party
Doof pics - Summer 2009/10

I've finally processed the roll of film containing all these..
Photos from Strawberry Fields, Ooh yeah, Mix in the Stix and Maitreya (after it had become Mudtreya, but before it became totally-flooded-treya).
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It's been a busy weekend!
Aside from seeing experimental bands (good), fixing up the house a bit (locks), seeing a movie (bad) and Dorkbot (interesting), I also had a desire to go... on an adventure on Saturday. So I found a couple of fellow adventurers, and we piled into the Subaru (dirty) and drove off into the hinterlands of Victoria (dusty).

Two hours later, and a long incredibly twisty and hilly track, and we emerged into the Freedom of Movement doof.
Freedom of Movement

(More pics either side of that one in the Flickr photostream.)

Also, stars!
Freedom of Movement party

The party was fun. I'm a bit sorry I ditched going to see people at the CyberFearNoise club thing at MyAeon, but really, I wanted to go on an adventure, not just another bar!
Danced and bounced around, chatted to people around the campfire.. then at 3am decided it was time to embark on the long journey home.
Overall, good weekend! In hindsight, should have taken a tent and camped out at the party.. ah well, next time!

Note.. these are also just about the first pics I've uploaded from the D700.
Not exactly typical conditions (ie. long night exposures) but it was handling it rather well.
I'm also happy that so far my lenses seem to be doing well on the FX sensor.. I was worried the budget Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 would turn out badly, even though it works well on the D200, but no - it's still sharp and free of colour fringes. Yay!
The Tokina 12-24mm f/4 isn't doing so well, but then, it's specifically designated as only being for the reduced DX sensor sizes.. so the fact it works at all (eg. in the shot with the stars above) is probably a bonus :)


Apr. 20th, 2008 07:57 pm
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Tall gums pale in mist
Full moon through branches
Dance underneath


(Actually - that photo does absolutely no justice to the stunning scene.. Near the banks of the Latrobe River, at midnight the mist has descended to absolutely surround us - and the tall, pale gum tree trunks disappear into the mist, just beyond the edges of the dancefloor. The full moon is just visible through the mist and the branches overhead.)
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9th Feb: RiverLution (maybe)
7-10 March: Maitreyu (definitely going to this one!)
22-24 March: Somatica (maybe)
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Photos from "A Midwinter's Daydream" party, in South Africa:
Sunset over the dam
more pics from there )
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Thursday: Pub meet, with terrible karaoke in an Eerie pub with bad beer, then onto Full Mooners for some good standup, and some weirdness from the Cuban Brothers.

Friday: Hungover ALL DAY LONG! Bought a jumper in town, then went to another Eerie pub (sans karaoke though) for [livejournal.com profile] blue_candy's birthday drinks.. and then onto Rock, at the Mean Fiddler. Oh dear. I was still reasonably sober at this stage, but that had to be rectified fast in order to survive the onslaught of dodgy stadium rock and nu-metal. Jaegermeister and house whiskey was downed rapidly. Found the club to be more amusing now :)

Saturday: Hung over AGAIN! Dammit.. Caught up with [livejournal.com profile] missyk8, [livejournal.com profile] vixstar and [livejournal.com profile] skorpionuk for coffee and cake, browsed through Forbidden Planet a bit, who now have a range of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Invader Zim gear, and then I went home. Powernapped, then went to a nice trance thing in Clapton, with Nick and James. Nice crowd, good tunes, but the main room became too busy after a while, so Nick & I retreated to the chill-out room, where we sat behind a floor-to-ceiling hanging cloth which had oil lights projected onto it, and watched the silhouettes of people dancing until we got tired and left.

Sunday: Now what should I do? I need to get out of the house.. Answers on an SMS to +4479-5658-3214 please :)
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Three weeks ago I went to the Glade festival, from Thursday evening through to Sunday evening.
It was a different experience to last year, when only a few of us had gone to it. This year it felt like almost everyone I knew went, although I didn't seem to run into people as much as I thought. Our own campsite was still quite large in itself, thoguh.
Last year the main dance tent's lineup had looked like a "Best of Warp records" list. This year it was more diverse, and although good, there weren't so many people playing that I was overexcited about. Still, had a good jump about to many of them, including Hexstatic's silliness, Squarepusher, and DJ AFX.
The trance stage had a decent line-up too, and I remember having a good stomp there during friday afternoon in glorious sunshine.

It was hot during the day, and chilly at night, which made it a bit difficult to get any good sleep. A variety of shade structures were built over the three days.

After Glade we all went back to London, I crashed out and finally got a good nights sleep, then spent Monday preparing for the next stage of my holiday..
On Tuesday Carrie & I headed to Luton airport, and flew out to Berlin, where we stayed for a couple of nights, did some sightseeing, drunk metric bier, and generally continued recovering from Glade.

Come Thursday, we caught a series of decreasingly-sized trains to the Voov Experience festival.
The weather on Thursday was atrocious, raining continually, never really stopping, but just alternating between driving and drizzling. We were thoroughly soaked by the time we set the tent up, and it was pretty miserable all round. Things did not look good, until I found some friends, and their converted coach.

This coach was amazing. A 23 year old intercity bus from Devon, they had bought it, taken it to Wales, and spent six weeks working on it. The interior had been stripped, painted, carpeted. Two bunk beds at the back slept four, and the girls had entire wardrobes with them, and two sewing machines! There was a small bar fridge, a four-ring gas oven, a sink with running water, cupboards, seats, and to top it off, they had put some concrete and slate tiles down, and attached a pot-bellied fire for heating. Solar panels were riveted to the roof of the bus, and probably were quite useful as the following few days were very sunny, although not quite as hot as Glade had been. We re-pitched the tent next to the bus. A good landmark, other friends and also some members of psy-forum were able to locate it easily as they arrived.

Sitting in the bus, drying ourselves and our clothes by the fire in this warm bus with (a growing number of) friends and lots of jaegermeister was great. The festival was starting..
The next day was warm, bright and sunny. I created a clothes line and managed to dry out yesterdays clothes and my shoes.

I wandered around the festival during the day; ate nice food, drunk coffee, beer, and so on. Didn't really feel like dancing much come the evening, but we drunk some wine whilst sitting at the chill-out area, and then got some sleep. Which is good, because I didn't get very much more for the rest of the festival..

There are three music stages at Voov: The main stage, the alternative stage, and the chill-out tent. The latter two start up on friday, but the main stage doesn't kick off until ten pm on saturday night. Both stages run all the way through the night and the next day, unlike Glade. The main stage is amazing. More lights, lasers, and strange glowing constructions than you'd beleive. A multitude of red, blue and several green lasers created the effect of being in another world, the sky replaced by a moving grid over your head at times.
I danced a lot on saturday night, firstly at the main stage, and then caught the Australian artist, Sentience, live at 3am, followed by Leung who I had not heard of before, but played a great DJ set.

I managed to catch S-Range playing live on Sunday around midday, and some others, but after 4pm needed to go and have a bit more sleep now that it had cooled down a little bit. Got up a couple of hours later, caught up with people again, and went off for another long dance at the main area. It was nice, but all the psyforum people I'd met, plus the friends from Manchester, seemed to find each other on the dance floor, so there was this big contingent of us, dancing together through the night.

The music ran until 6am on Monday morning, but I was knackered and went to bed after 4, for some well deserved sleep.

Monday was spent slowly packing up and then making our way to Hamburg via a series of trains. We had a few drinks in a strange, tiny, but packed, bar, then crashed out fairly early. We had time to have a quick wander around Hamburg on Tuesday, then caught a flight back to London in the early evening.

Going on holiday with Carrie was nice. It's reminded me of how things were when we were still together though, and I am feeling a bit sad.


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