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I picked up a new muffler for my motorbike on Tuesday; I had to drive a three-and-a-half hour round trip to pick it up though - I should have just got the seller to post it! (I hadn't quite realised just how far Melbourne sprawls out..)
I had it installed and now the bike sounds... very nice indeed. Long, deep thumping doofs.
The titanium can (a Devil Magnum) comes with an insertable baffle, which makes the sound go quiet and fluffy.. so if needed to pacify neighbours or a VicRoads inspection, one can use that. I'm happy with it :)

In other news - I was feeling a bit off yesterday, and today felt sufficiently generally-unwell to head home early from work, sick. Hopefully another good nights sleep will do the trick though.. Various other people at work have been taking time off lately, so maybe there's something going around :(
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I knew it was dangerous.
I did it anyway.
It felt good.

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Anyway, I also managed to scratch four or five items off my to-do list today, and a visit to Ikea tomorrow should sort out a few more.. Yay.

Now, who's up for some cold, cold beers in a preferably-air-conditioned pub tonight?
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I'm safely back in Melbourne with the motorcycle. Hurrah.

Well, I say safely, but actually I think I've done some damage to myself..
My neck and shoulders are feeling completely screwed up at the moment. Massively screwed up.
AND I think I've burst an eardrum!
I wanted to listen to some music, because eight hours of loud wind noise isn't very interesting.. but to get the headphones to stay in, I really jammed them hard into my ears.. and then kept turning the volume up until it was at about triple my normal listening volume.

I realised this was a bad idea after about an hour, maybe less? However the damage appears to be done - my left ear is now almost totally deaf, but it makes a noise like someone crunching up paper if I prod around the outside of my ear. Erm. Oops?
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Great. We're in the middle of a drought, and it starts raining heavily, what will end up being about 24 hours.
Guess what? It started today, and ends later tomorrow. Thus, neatly covering the period when I was planning on riding a motorcycle across half the frigging country. (OK, so 800 km isn't anywhere near half, shush.)

I know I've ridden on English motorways in subzero temperatures, and pouring rain, and even snow a couple of times.. however, the distances pale in comparison. I can put up with an hour of horribleness with the promise of a nice warm house at the end of it.. but eight hours is just too much, and although I'm going to stop at roadhouses along the way, that 30-60 min break isn't enough to dry off.

Forecasters suck, so maybe it'll return to the 35 degree temperatures we had on saturday.. If it's still raining solidly, I'm not going anywhere tomorrow!
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So, I've been packing, packing, and more packing. It's more sorting than packing I guess, but either way, it seems to take forever. The car is pretty loaded up now, and I'll just chuck the laptop/pc/camera into it in the morning and we'll be ready to go. The Araldite repair job to the leaky junction coolant junction box seems to have worked well, which is great.

I meant to go out with some friends on the Bay to Birdwood run, a classic car rally, however due to some communication failures, I didn't. I couldn't really spare the time, anyway, but it would have been nice to see that group of friends before I headed off. Anyway, it was a lovely day, so I hopped on the motorbike and went for a couple of hours riding, out to Birdwood, but via a different route.
My way was totally devoid of other traffic, and so it was just rolling hills, valleys, vineyards, lakes, rivers, and forests with the winding road between them. It's springtime here, and there's been a bit of rain recently, so now everything seemed green with bursts of other colours. I'll miss being able to go for rides like that so easily - I gather you need to get further out of Melbourne to reach that kind of countryside than from Adelaide.
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Here's a couple of snapshots of my bike, looking a bit dusty and dirty after a ride down to Victor Harbour with a couple of mates. (We hit a couple of 5 minutes showers en route)

Blue & Shiny

Blue & Shiny

V Twin

Jul. 28th, 2007 04:48 pm
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With my chest lying on the tank,
I feel the engine thumping:
My second heartbeat.
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It wasn't quite how I anticipated spending my late afternoon, but after wearing out the visiting [livejournal.com profile] uber_red_fraggle by running up and down the tracks to the 2nd falls at Morialta, we dropped into Kessner Suzuki on the way back to town.. And then another Suzuki dealership in town, since after all it was kind of on the way back to the train station.

And then somehow, perhaps because I wasn't bothered if I didn't get it, I haggled a good deal out of a salesman at PS Motorcycles, and now have a deposit own on a shiny new midnight-blue Suzuki SV650S. I blame the gorgeous weather! (It's been really sunny lately and quite warm). It had better stay this way for next weekend, or I'll cry.

It should look something like this, only darker blue, and without all the luggage and helmet draped all over it.
I'll get some pictures up next weekend.. it'll arrive in Adelaide late next week some time. (Nowhere in SA had the right model in stock.)

I should probably have waited until my first paycheque arrived, but ah well.. I did have the money from the sale of my UK bike set aside for something like this, even if it did cost twice as much as I sold the (2001) Hornet for, which isn't bad since it's a new bike.

The M11

Apr. 4th, 2007 02:10 am
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Of all the (longer) roads in the UK that I've travelled, I think the M11 will be the one that I end up remembering. It's not a particularly noteworthy road, really. The roads around High Beech and Box Hill are much more fun, and considerably more scenic.
However the journeys up and back the M11 have more mental baggage associated with them.
The motorway starts strangely, with traffic merging into the right-most lane from the North Circular. (The right-most lane being the /fastest/ moving lane, here in the UK.)

For me, the M11 brings back many memories of travelling at night. High speed, often in mist or rain, and always with buffeting cross-winds. There are no speed cameras, and the lighting is intermittent, yet the highway curves back and forth and over hills apparently at random, leaving me straining to see the distant cats-eyes that are poorly illuminated by my bike's headlight.
My trips up that motorway also always coincide with fairly active or intense weekends - parties, strenuous battles in fields, hangovers, strange movies, sex, vodka, architecture, gin, punting, new people.. And I guess that by framing events with a motorcycle ride on either side, the ride becomes part of the event in my memory, even if all the journeys will blur into one over time. Just one night/day ride in the hot/cold, taken fast/slow, with/without music in my ears.


Jan. 28th, 2007 06:43 pm
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After totally failing to go out last night, I did at least wake up nice and early, feeling refreshed, this morning. I bounced out and pulled the cover off my bike, and had a go at getting it running again. (I pulled the battery out in december, and haven't ridden it since..)
It seems that repeatedly trickle-charging the battery has revived it enough, and I was able to get the bike started, and after warming up for a while, it ran quite well. The chain is still rusty and needs replacing, though.

I rode it over to Hampstead Heath, and hiked around there with my camera, eventually meeting up with [livejournal.com profile] voofy, [livejournal.com profile] merlinc and [livejournal.com profile] maddiekat at the Spaniard's Inn, for a late lunch / early dinner.

Then I walked back down again in the fading evening light, and rode home.


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