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According to the use-by dates on milk cartons in the supermarket, they will expire *after* I am a home-owner. :D

I've been busy since I arrived back in Melbourne.

Tonight I have been listening to great music while eating tasty vegie food I made, and generally life is good.
Over the weekend I went to a club night called Machine on Friday, then Paul's 0x21st birthday pirate party on Saturday, then Sunday was the High Vibes street festival in Northcote.
I liked the music at Machine - just have to try and convince a few friends to come along next time. It was interesting techno with perhaps a touch of psytrance influence.

I've been sleeping very well since I arrived back in Australia.. in fact, thanks to jetlag, I've been reliably getting up before 7am and arriving at work earlier than I have ever. I am not trying to fight it; if I can continue to get up early and get more done (and not be horrendously late to work) then it's only a good thing.
However, the yawning-my-head-off before midnight needs to stop!

This post will also be the last one I post directly on LJ, as I'm moving over to Dreamwidth. I'll continue to cross-post things to LJ indefinitely though.
I'm doing this because Livejournal (the company and software) has stagnated. Dreamwidth has forked the codebase, and is actively improving it, fixing bugs, and adding new features. I approve. Whether they can make any money out of it is another issue, but time will tell..

Please feel free to add me to your Reading List there; also note that you can use your LJ login (via OpenId) there if you don't want to create two accounts.
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Today was Melbourne Open House day, and I was excited at the prospect of seeing inside the Russell Place power station. I even fought my hangover and went out of the house by midday with lots of camera gear with that objective in mind.

I arrived at the location, where there was a huuuuge queue, all the way down the alley and then down Burke street. Not a good sign. After a while an official came by to say that people at my point in the queue could be expecting a two hour wait, maybe a bit more.
OK.. so I'll wait. At least I have a couple of friends, also hungover, to talk crap with to fill in the time, and hold places in the queue while we take turns buying snacks, coffee, juice, etc.

Nearly three hours later, we're told that the people who started queueing at 11am are only now at the front of the queue, and there's only an hour and a half left before they close. A gentleman in the queue near me asks the official guy how many people are going through.. it's 20 every 20 minutes, or 60 per hour. He then enquires how many people are in front of us in the queue, and whether there are more than the 90 that they still have time for..
The official has a "oh, that's a good idea" look, and goes off to count. He comes back a while later and announces there are well over a hundred people in front.. so everyone behind number 90 may as well go home now.

Damnit! Couldn't they have worked this out, like, two hours earlier? I stood around in a windy, cold alleyway for half the daylight hours for nothing?? Gnnnrgh. Rather disappointed, all in all!

Retail therapised with a new pair of jeans and a shirt, looked at potential carry-on luggage without success*, and then came home tired and grumpy. Am now making bolognese with veggie mince; last attempt ended up rather dry and meh, but am hoping second attempt works out better. (With addition of a glass of wine into the sauce).

[* My previous carry-on bag has fallen to bits, annoyingly. Black/grey canvas satchel. I suppose I could just repair it.. But it wasn't that hot anyway.]
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Section 8, Chinatown at night Chinatown at Night
Chinatown at night

Want more? See the last 8 pics in Melbourne at night. (Also taken with the new 24-85mm lens)

The D700 has the most amazing dynamic range.. I can seem to pull detail out of deep shadows or blown-out highlights almost too easily, without losing colour saturation or detail - which just makes it ideal for night photography. I'm sure it's far eclipsing the results I could achieve with film, which used to be the benchmark for this sort of work.


Jan. 29th, 2009 12:53 am
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It was 45 today, and about the same for the next few days.
Currently it's high 30s at 1am in the morning.

My poor little air conditioner is really not coping with it too well - it's on full bore, and is just about getting the temp down to 30 in here :/

The thing that gets me isn't the hot air, but the way that everything else is so hot too.
Like, you go to get a cup out of the cupboard after getting home from the pub, and it's really hot. You get water from the tap - it's hot.

Excuse me, I need to go lie in front of the aircon vents again!
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The Bolte Bridge at sunset
Originally uploaded by Wintrmute.
I went out shooting with the Flickr at Night group, last Saturday evening.
Here's one of the photos that resulted..
Looks best Viewed Large on black background.

I also quite liked this shot:
Flickrites boldly marching into armageddon
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Argh. This sucks!
I bought a ticket to see the Headless Chickens in Melbourne. And just discovered/realised that I'll be in Sydney that day! D'Oh!

Erm, so, if anyone else wants a ticket, let me know.. otherwise I guess I'll ebay it.


Oct. 2nd, 2008 11:33 pm
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If you like photos of huge rusted gears, check out the whole set by clicked the pic above..

You might also want to check out the rest of the photos from the mental asylum, by clicking the pic below..

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Just another couple of images from last week.. there are more in the set, from other parts of Melbourne at night too.

More mental asylum photos to follow tomorrow..
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I know that we get paid less in Melbourne than London, and there are less european bands playing gigs, and our cars and bikes have a mysteriously expensive 2nd hand market.. But damnit, at least it's sunny and warm most of the time, and the public transport isn't full of chavscum.
I mean, spring and autumn here are like English summer, ie. It rains a bit, is sunny a lot. Summer is reliably hot and dry. Winter is a bit like british autumn.. Ie. Cooler and often rainy, but bearable.

I should really have worn shorts today. Spring arrived at the start of september, and now it's quite hot out.
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Looks particularly good in extra large size, where you can really see the grain. I do like that the D200 /has/ grain-like noise, rather than just noise.

See also: Chrometaphor I.


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