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I see my old near-neighbour, the Hackney Mole-man is in the news again.

I just wish someone could get the crazy guy to make sense long enough to find out why he did it..
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A couple of weeks ago I met Charles down at Greenwich, and found a derelict building to climb around in..
Click the pic below to see the set.

Charles' photos are up at: Greenwich peninsular.

More soon!

Snow! redux

Feb. 8th, 2007 11:15 am
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It's snowing! And this time, it's enough that it won't have melted by lunchtime. It's still snowing now, at 11am.

Unfortunately, I'm meant to be flying out to Amsterdam in the afternoon. Who wants to bet that my flight gets delayed?

I'm also sad that I won't be able to go to Abney Park to get some snowy photos! If anyone else does, could you post me links?
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Who wants to see the new David Lynch movie, Inland Empire sometime?
Apparently it's the closest thing to Eraserhead, since Eraserhead.

Went for lunch today, saw a sign on Old Street saying a schoolkid was stabbed at lunchtime the other week, by a middle-aged black guy. I walked around the corner and saw three schoolkids - Two were boosting the other one up, so he could climb in through an office window. In full uniform. If only I had my camera..
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Two shooting incidents
Postcode wars on the rise in Hackney

Technically that mob was in Islington, but it's fairly close to the border with Hackney. I wonder if the E8 vs E5 gangs mentioned have spread out into N1 (where I live) as well?
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Something I like about London: Cycling along the pretty canal towpaths, as the flagstones clank under my tyres, on a sunny day.

Something I dislike about London: Crackhead (black/white)-trash teens under canal bridges, baring their teeth at me like animals as I cycle past.

What is it with me and trouble.. Sometimes it feels like I get far more than my fair share of it here.
On Friday night I wandered over to the bus stop on Essex Road, only to discover there was a mob of around 20-40 youths wearing tracksuits and hoodies, engaged in pitched battle, roiling back and forth across the road in waves of attack/defence. Pedestrians fleeing down side streets, and shops locking up their doors - and then staring out in morbid fascination.
An armada of police cars approached, and the mob fled at the sound of the incoming sirens - still flinging bottles at each other as they stampeded past the flinching pedestrians who had been hiding around the corners.

The other week there was a "minor" gun battle between two cars in rush hour, near Hackney Central - I gather the only injuries were bystanders hit by ricocheting bullets, rather than the gangs involved. That's only 1.3 miles east of my place! I believe that's something of a first for the area (although of course it has nothing on Lower Clapton).

I thought this area was getting BETTER, not worse! WTF?

In other news: Went to Matt's birthday drinks and dinner. Practically rolled home on my stomach afterwards and had to have a lie down. It's now 1am, and although I've perked up, I suspect my window of opportunity to go clubbing has expired.. :(
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FFS! I've been back in London for not much more than 24 hours, and I've already become witness to a crime. Hurrah. I love this city, so much.

I was walking home when I heard some screams from down the street and a woman shouting for help. I saw a middle-aged woman struggling with a young guy, who looked like he managed to grab something from her, and ran off. I yelled "STOP THIEF" (corny, but what else do you say at a time like that?) and chased him down, but after we got around the corner there was another guy on a bicycle with a vacant bicycle for the thief, who hopped on and they rode off.

I reckon I'd have caught up before or as he got on the bicycle, if he hadn't had such a head-start down the street. However, while I'd take my chances at knocking a bloke off a bicycle from behind, I don't think I'm quite suicidal enough to take on two thugs in the street - even if a good portion of the street was looking outside to see what the screams were about by now.
This is mainly because my faith in Londoners is severely limited; I doubt a single one would do anything to help, other than dial 999.

Meh. Anyway, also, the woman who had her stuff snatched wouldn't even be convinced to call the police to report it because she didn't think it'd be any use. Which isn't the point, if you ask me.

Meh. It's rather crap.
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Right! The rest of the photos from that whacky golf tournament are up now..
Urban Golf
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The Shoreditch urban golf tournament was very, very silly. An 18 hole, par 72 course laid out over the backstreets of Shoreditch. The occaisional cyclists, joggers and drivers who happened upon it tended to look /very/ confused..
I'll put up all the pics in a few days, but here's a teaser.. (Click thumbnail to view)
Urban Golf


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