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Abbotsford Convent, in infrared.
Taken at the Australia Day Flickr meet.
Abbotsford Convent (IR)
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It seems the Nikon D700 is much better for infrared photographer than the D200 was; at least on par with the D70. How curious.. I suppose Nikon changed the strength of the IR-blocking filter or something?

A terrible photo demonstrating it is true IR, here:
Those blindingly-white trousers are actually black in normal light. Curious that they changed, but the black t-shirt remained black.. Guess it's the synthetic material or something.

In other news, I felt a bit crappy today (and the last couple of days), but today I called in sick, and had a haircut. I still feel headachey, but now my hair will dry faster in the morning. :P

I've had a very busy weekend; In the last few days I've been to see four comedy shows at the festival, and friend's band last night. There's been the usual property run-around going on too. I'm going to bail out of PubStandards tonight and just get a quiet night in I think! I need it.. Next weekend looks mammoth as well. Two more comedy shows, and an epic motorcycle ride.

PS. If you're watching the ANZAC day televised ceremony from France, look out for my dad in the brass band! :D
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I've taken some more pictures of Infrared angels.

I'll put my favourites underneath this cut tag:
A selection of infrared angels )

All of them are available on my website, and in higher resolution.

I've noticed that a lot of my photos are a bit wonky. This was mainly because with the infrared filter on, you can't see anything through the viewfinder, so I had to set the shot up without the filter, then screw it on and take it. Unfortunately my tripod is a bit shït, and slipped slightly inbetween.


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