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My MacBook is over three years old now, and I decided it was time to get a new one..
Have bought a Samsung N510, which is technically slower than the MacBook (Atom N280 vs Core2), but it's also half the weight, double the battery life, and since I have a good desktop PC at home, I'd rather have the portability than the power. Also, I can get the Samsung new for the amount I can sell the MacBook for second hand, which is important given that I'm generally a bit skint these days.

The new laptop has the nVidia Ion LE chipset; this is notable because the "LE" version is crippled, but purely in software. I've hacked up the current nVidia drivers to enable the full power (well, as much power as the non-LE version gets). Might be of interest to anyone else who has a laptop with a "Ion LE" chipset, anyway..

Here's a link: http://www.zshare.net/download/740159720a658a85/
It's based on the 195.62 drivers; I might release newer versions as time goes by.

(Info on how to do it was found on the http://myhpmini.com site.)
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Since some people expressed interest, here some notes on the install:
Hackintosh install notes )
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I can has hackintosh now apparently.
(Note: A hackintosh is a PC that's been hacked to run Mac OS X, in this case, Leopard 10.5.2)

[Edit: Accelerated graphics on the 8800GT are working now too - so, that's 100% successful!]
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The other day someone discovered that they could remotely set the status message on the front of the printer.
At first it just said something like "Out of cheese error" for a few hours. Then another couple of people discovered it, and the message changed more frequently. Messages became sillier. Today it seemed to mainly be rotating between "$name is gay", and ASCII art.

My contribution was to get it to play Nethack.
Although I'm worried if the constant HPL commands might be stopping it from actually printing..


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