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Just a couple more sleeps and then it's off to the Rainbow Serpent festival for 4 days, yay.
Also, someone noticed one of the papers has actually run a story on the festival with a positive slant:
Residents wired for electrodance festival too. (I don't know where the journalist found the term "electrodance" though..)
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Looking forward to potential festivals. I'll be putting these into my google calendar as public entries too, in case you're subscribed there.

  • Ostara 19-21 Sept - near Aireys Inlet, with a variety of styles of music.
  • Bush Catz - 31 Oct-3 Nov - NSW, psy and electro
  • Renaissance 21-23 Nov - Ulpana island, variety of music
  • Rainbow Serpent - 23-26 Jan - 2hrs from Melb - psytrancey
  • Akasha 20-22nd Feb - ? - psytrancey
  • Maitreya? - March - psytrancey
  • Somatica - Easter? - psytrancey

Of these, the ones I'm pretty sure I'll go to are Rainbow serpent, Akasha, and one of either Maitreya or Somatica. Yes, I like psytrance festivals in the bush. Deal with it :)
The summer is looking good!

PS. I know there will be an Earthcore, and a Tribeadelic during summer too.. But Earthcore is the aussie equivalent of Glastonbury - ie. over-populated, and too many weekend warriors and drunken idiots causing trouble. Tribeadelic I went to last year, and although I enjoyed it, the organisation wasn't that great, so I'll try something different this year.

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9th Feb: RiverLution (maybe)
7-10 March: Maitreyu (definitely going to this one!)
22-24 March: Somatica (maybe)
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From 29/12/07-01/01/08 I was at the Tribeadelic festival, on a semi-wooded, but dry, site a few hundred Km north of Melbourne. I should write more about it sometime.. it was good fun, but amazingly hot. We spent most of the days in the Goulburn river, and danced and flittered around the area at night. The visible stars were amazing, and we saw so, so many shooting stars.
Most of my photos show the place looking dry and dusty, so I haven't uploaded many of those - they don't capture the feeling of dancing in the hot daytime underneath misting sprinklers in the shade, or resting on submerged logs as the river swirls past you.
Can you see the real me?
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I'll be driving over to Adelaide for xmas.
I'll head over either Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd, and be coming back to Victoria on either evening 27th or morning 28th, as I'm going to the Tribeadelic festival in northern Victoria from 28/29th until the 1st.

The difference between me coming over on the Saturday instead of the Sunday is whether there are any parties or pubbing or other social stuff going on in Adelaide that night; if everyone is having a quiet family night in, then I may as well stay in Melbourne until Sunday and drive over with a hangover instead :P

So, what's going down on saturday night?

If anyone else needs a lift to Victoria and/or Tribeadelic, there's probably still space for one more in the car.


Misc update

Dec. 9th, 2007 01:06 am
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I've bought tickets to Tribeadelic, an outdoor psytrance festival that runs for four days, around new year's eve. It's located a couple of hours north of Melbourne.. There's a few people from Adelaide coming along too - would anyone else like to join us?

My car is being a waste of insurance and registration, without me actually moving it at all. I got a jump-start from Ryan this morning and went off to buy a new battery, and recycled the old one - it was a few years old and had been maltreated. Bicycle and motorbike are still running fine, thank you, and are still my preferred methods of transport.. but for outdoor camping festivals, reasonably-sized AWD cars are definitely the way forward.

Not too much else to report back. I like living in Melbourne, although I could do with knowing a few more people, and I miss people back in London, and some in Adelaide.
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Back from the Bloc Weekend party, held at a Pontin's holiday camp near Hemsby in Norfolk.
I had a fun time, I liked Autechre, and bounced around to The Advent and CJ Bolland, and it's always good to hang around with friends. However, I can't help feeling that I probably would have had just as much fun by going out to a big party/club thing in London, really. I say this, because really the Bloc Weekend festival didn't have much going on except the three music areas. In my mind, "real" festivals have loads of stuff going on during the day and evening - you know, shopping stalls, food stalls, juggling, random bad art, etc. etc.
Bloc had none of that - there was some advertised, go-karts, indoor swimming pool, climbing wall, however none of it was in operation over the weekend. (Probably for the best though - there were a lot of wasted people wandering around even during the day).

Also, the venue /really/ didn't deal well with having 2500 ravers descend upon them. The organisation was a total shambles for dealing with many people arriving/leaving at once, and so that took hours. The bus ride was particularly badly organised, with their system for loading people being the most inefficient way you could think of. Originally advertised as leaving at 8pm on Sunday, they eventually took off around 9:45pm, arriving back in London some time after 1am. (And leaving me particularly knackered on Monday morning for work!)

During the friday/saturday night stretches, the bar staff looked rather stressed - they seemed to only have put a couple of staff at each bar, having to deal with a hundred people trying to buy beer or water at once. By saturday night they actually /ran out/ of bottled water, and initially were refusing to give out cups as "we need them to serve beer in!". This didn't go down with the punters particularly well!

I'm sounding rather down about the whole thing, but actually it was quite nice to have a weekend away with friends - it just could have been better. I won't be recommending this festival for repeat visits, although I dare say they'd learn and not be quite so incompetent next time.


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